Saturday, 28 June 2014

Knit one, geek one

A few years ago (January 2005), as part of my Queen’s Guide award, I took a group of my peers around London, looking for abandoned underground stations.  I wish I could share photos, but they were sadly lost in a hard drive failure.  However, my love and geekery for the London Underground thrives.  A few years ago my husband and I visited Aldwych station (the actual downstairs, inside bit) and somewhere I have a collection of the freebie maps that are given out at stations, showing the progress and change of the system.  I’ve got books with maps which predate the current Harry Beck design.  You kind of get the picture.

So, you’ll understand how excited I was to see Mind The Gap, a sock weight yarn with a colourway based on the London Underground railway lines.  (They also do one called Primary Secondary; am looking out for it being back in stock). 

Anything involving this is going to wait until after the dissertation is handed in, it’s a treat to myself, as are the two skeins of (fluffy stuff).  I just wanted to comment on the speed of delivery from Trailing Clouds of Gloria; the yarn arrived through the door almost before the money had left my bank account.  I’m not joking.

So, whilst the knitting of this yarn is put in abeyance I’m awarding a gold star for customer service and speed of delivery.  The yarn is almost a bonus!

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