Wednesday, 1 October 2014

No need to cry over spilt mattress stitch....

Urgh, I love knitting, I really do - but everything above and beyond scarves have more challenges than I first anticipated.  If it wasn't for the stash in the spare room I'd probably have considered giving up this knitting business some time ago.  You can tell my stash is getting to me, last night I dreamed of pizza and toe up socks! 

Today's 'thing' is trying to work out mattress stitch properly.  I don't want to be one of those 'make do' type people; I want my knitted pieces to look awesome and be loved accordingly.  So, it's worth learning how to do things properly.  Today's challenge is properly learning the mattress stitch:

I love Youtube - whatever the technique, there's a video to explain it.  (I always find videos far easier to understand pictures).

My first attempt at proper mattress stitch looked like somebody was playing noughts and crosses up the side of my mini hat.  Maybe it's because I'm already cross with my computer not wanting to print a PDF pattern, or because I'm inexplicably tired, but it's not working and I want to cry, properly sob all over my knitwear type cry, which is not a healthy reaction.

So I'm going to go make myself a drink, maybe read some knitting book or another and maybe go back to knitting a scarf ....

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