Tuesday, 6 January 2015

From i-stash to de-stash

I found this video whilst procrastinating when I should probably have been writing my dissertation.  (For whatever reason, I can't embed the video here).  She’s right – stash is a very personal issue.  So personal, that I’ve only recently uploaded my stash to Ravelry.  I didn’t want it all up there, just in case people think I have too much.  I mean, I probably do have too much, but I don’t want people to realise that.  Especially not my husband.  (I’ve learned from experience, not to leave the invoice slip in the Deramores bag, if he’s doing the clearing up).  But then, I was thinking about projects and kept logging on to Ravelry to check what the yardage for yarn X, only to find that I’ve not yet uploaded it.  Tough balance.

I have a theory that all knitters have an ever developing squirrel instinct of knowing how to arrange and re-arrange stuff so that there’s room for just one more ball of yarn.  I know I have, and I refuse to accept that I’m the only one.  My husband gave me a salad spinner for Christmas this year, and I think I rather worried him when I told him that I’d considered stashing a ball of yarn inside the spinner, so that when summer came and we started to wash salads again, I’d have a surprise waiting for me.  I honestly think he would have been less concerned if I’d told him I’d developed a drugs habit, or was leaving him for another man.

So the proper uploading of the stash is the first step I've taken to getting things in order, before de-stashing the spare room cupboard.  I'm trying not to start on yet another WIP, but the red yarn is calling.....

As for the yarn-in-salad spinner plan, it wouldn't have worked.  The spinner's see through.

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