Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Shaun-ing Around

So, how was your Easter break?

In between knitting, thinking about knitting, washing up and more knitting, the husband and I were following the Shaun in the City trail.  There is a certain skill to taking photos of decorated sheep on a Bank Holiday weekend, without getting other people's children in the picture!

Some of our favourites of the 33 we saw:

Because I love the Union Flag pattern:

Rule Britannia

Mossy Bottom

Look at the close-up, with pictures of Shaun and his friends:

Not necessarily a fan of Cath Kidston floral designs, but this was just so delicate:

Paradise Bunch

Me Llamo Shaun 

The Guardian

This one, I just love the perturbed look at two angels landing on his head:


Out of This World

Happy and Glorious

Attempt at a Shaun Selfie.  (I actually hit my chin on his ear, which may explain the odd expression)

This I loved for the colours:

Lambmark Larry

Of course, it couldn't be a flock of sheep without some reference to knitting:


Did you miss it ?

And of course, the obligatory sheep related puns! 

Another One Rides The Bus


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