Sunday, 23 August 2015

Knitting on Top Of The World

We're back from Japan.  Arrived back home yesterday, still feeling groggy and not really that keen on doing the sensible things like unpacking and putting stuff away. 

I may have over-bought on both yarn and origami paper.  Most of the origami paper came from Daiso for Y108, the equivalent of 55p/ 89 cents.  My plan is to fold a whole load more paper cranes and send them back to Hiroshima.  I have enough for several hundred; after a fit of insomnia at 4:00 this morning, fifteen cranes have already been folded. 

I did manage some knitting, during train journeys and flights - and waiting time for said train journeys and flights. 

Knitting on the train between Fukoshima and Hiroshima

The best knitting, as far as I'm concerned was at the top of the world's tallest tower - Tokyo Skytree  I was knitting in the queue to get tickets from the Tembo desk to the Tembo galleria (the highest point of the tower).  Only I was half way through a row as we got in the lift, so I had to finish it at the top. 

Knitting at the top of Tokyo Skytree
Literally, knitting on top of the world. 

View from Tokyo Skytree; Mount Fuji is somewhere in the distance
The yarn purchases will be covered in another post - but there was some.  Come on, this is Japan - home of Noro, there was no way I was coming home empty handed.  Turns out that it's the home of other lesser known yarn brands too.  

Dinner on the last night was in the Tokyo Bay area, which was just beautiful.

Tokyo Bay

Then on the monorail to the airport I found a new definition of over-eager - trying to knit standing up on a train, with a 16kg rucksack and no hand holds.  It didn't last more than a few rows:

Knitting on the monorail
The item I was knitting in that photo is now waiting to be sewn up, again another blog post awaits.

Now if you'll please excuse me, I think it's bed time. 

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