Sunday, 15 November 2015


Yes, I'm still here - I just haven't been doing much knitting.  Partly, because I haven't had the time, and partly because I've had a flare up of my wrists, which is usually made worse by knitting.  It's all a bit sucky, but health has to come before knitting.

There's a great long list of things I need to finish up; that is, sew up, or weave in ends, or simply just block.  There are two scarves which could be completed today, if I'd just do the final weave and block.  I may use this as a procrastination tool when I'm bored of cleaning.

There is a massive list of things I want to knit, not least of all a sweater for me.  I also need to learn how to turn a heel on a pair of socks.  That, combined with the daily commute and the vast amount of sock yarn I have, should deal with a lot of the stash.  I've also seen that West Yorkshire Spinners have new colours in their Country Birds range.  (Kingfisher, Goldfinch and Peacock).

I need to re-think the way I blog.  Rather than doing it when I have something to say, I've got ideas of having a bit more structure.

Paris has happened.  Nick Alexander, the first confirmed British casualty was somebody I knew during 6th form and youth theatre.  I'm not going to pretend that we were bestest buds; I think I've seen him once since we left school.  However, his death has come as a massive shock to me and several of my friends.  The number of times I've seen news reports where the same photo appears over and over again, whilst tributes are paid to the deceased.  There's something very weird about seeing the same photo appearing over and over again, when it's somebody you know.

However, a much more happy event, which will impact my knitting life, is the birth of my sister's baby boy; my ninja nephew.  Photos will only ever happen with parental permission, so you'll just have to imagine a cute little baby with round chubby cheeks and a lot of hair.  Seriously, everybody commented on the hair!  He, like this blog was also (albeit slightly) overdue. 

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