Sunday, 17 April 2016


I have a secret project which I wanted to get finished on a deadline, which I've finally got round to swatching for today.

The pattern and yarn were bought from an online retailer; the yarn was recommended for the pattern by said retailer.  The pattern says that 26 stitches and 34 rows measures 10cms on 3.25mm needles.  I know I'm a loose knitter, so started with 2.75mm needles and it came out at about 13cms.  I tried today with 2.25 needles and got down to about 11.5cms, knitting absolutely as tightly as I could.  I do have 2mm bamboos, but I fear I'd snap them if I tried knitting too tightly.

My knitting guru, Extreme Knitting thinks the yarn I have is too heavy for the project  and it might not drape well.  She's suggested a different pattern for the yarn, as forcing the gauge risks me knitting something I'm not happy with (and as it's supposed to be a gift, I darn well want to be happy with it). 

I'm not going to name the retailer, as I've not yet had the chance to contact their pattern support - but for the time being, I have a pattern with a yarn I can't use, or yarn with a pattern I can't use - whichever way you want to look at it.  And that makes me a little grumpy.  Of course, there are always options about what to do with the yarn and the pattern, one of which may be learn crochet.  I rather suspect the project I want to complete, is not going to be complete in time, which also makes me a little grumpy - and disappointed in myself. 

In the interim, I'm re-knitting the sick day pi shawl in the correct weight of yarn.  Yesterday, we had a briefing day for the girls we're taking to Slovenia and Croatia in the summer, at the end of a stupidly busy week.  As part of the day, we went to Pax Lodge, one of the five world
centres for all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides.  They're celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, and I got a badge to mark the occasion.  Everything got a bit too much for me somewhere after lunchtime, so I sat and knitted whilst the girls played games.  The leader in charge of our trip asked if I could teach her to knit, as she thought it might be something she'd enjoy, so I'm counting that as a double win.

What have you been knitting this week, successfully or otherwise? 

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