Saturday, 11 June 2016

Sunday, Sunday

There is a truth amongst knitters that films with subtitles are not necessarily good partners to a knitting project.  I thought I could get round this by knitting garter stitch.  Seems I was wrong.  The knitting was fine, but there was a lot of winding back to find out what was said.  Either my Swedish is not as good as I thought it was, or I don't understand the Stockholm accent.  Possibly a bit of both.

Have I mentioned that I'm going back to Sweden in August?  Mostly to meet up with friends, but I've also found out that there's a theatre festival at the time, so I'm happy.  That's after the trip to Slovenia/Croatia and before next year's trip to Iceland.  There'll be more about that in some other entry. 

Last weekend was Brownie Holiday - AKA 'how much can we keep the adults awake before they want to kill'.  I swear there are parts of the world where this is considered torture.  I was going to sew lots and lots of badges on to my camp blanket, but that never happened.  We were all in bed far too early.  

The most I managed were pictures of the houmous dip we had - fitting in beautifully with the animal theme which we had for the weekend: 

Lion houmous dip
If yesterday was about starting new projects, today will be about buying yarn and blocking completed projects.  Oh, and admin for our trip to Europe next month, but that's not so blog worthy.

What does your weekend bring you? 

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