Monday, 22 May 2017

Happy New...

..what do you mean it's nearly summer?! 
For several months of last year, my wrists were flaring up every other month, so there was little knitting being done.  With little knitting, comes little blogging.  I'm not going to apologise for that, as it was completely out of my control.
In the interim, I have (in some vague kind of chronological order)
  • Been to Scotland for Mr Knitty's 40th
  • Been to Sweden
  • Got an new job (a proper one, this time)
  • Found some drugs that properly work for the RA (yay!)

  • Been on another knitting retreat
  • Been home for the weekend (proper home; where we grew up)
  • Been away to Dorchester with Mr Knitty 
  • Finally knit a pair of socks

  • Bought more yarn.
  • Dyed my hair (OK, that was yesterday) 

There is a mass update to be done - and a Plan to manage it.  That plan also has to work around work, study and commuting.  And the washing up, which I have failed to do this evening. 

There is also preparation to go to Iceland in the summer.  I'm nowhere near ready and have a lot of stuff to buy and flight tickets to book.  Of course, the biggest challenge of the lot is finding out how much yarn I can bring back with my luggage allowance.

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