Tuesday, 28 November 2017

What I Did Last Week

Got a yarn order delivered:

This is going to be for my nephew's Christmas present. 

Had a meltdown at work

My line manager couldn't understand why I was so upset; I thought it was pretty obvious.  Lesson learned is, next time, to take a deep breath and make it clear every last thing that I'm not able to do, because I've run out of time. 

Bought some beads, which may well end up in a project at some point

After going in to meltdown at work, I went along to Flying Tiger to look for some beads, after hearing on the Sockmatician podcasts that he bought some chunky beads from Flying Tiger and designed a cowl around them.  (From the look if it, I've got exactly the same beads that he has).  I've got some Rowan alpaca yarn to have a play around with, so we'll have to see what happens. 

Bought a book: 

Friday was pay day and we went for drinks after work.  I'd seen this book in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to get it before it disappeared from the shelves.  I was intrigued by the idea of architecture as an inspiration, and liked some of the patterns that I'd seen.  

The book wasn't where I expected and I had to ask one of the assistants for a book: "I can't remember its title; it was 'something Knitting' and was about architecture".  She didn't have a clue - but did help me find a copy, tucked away behind another book. 

Bought another book:

The Nordic knitwear designers Arne and Carlos were doing an event in Liberty of London called 'Meet the Designers'.  I arrived with twelve whole minutes to spare, feeling hot and flustered.  After I spent a couple of minutes pretending to look at the yarn in an attempt to calm down, I started chatting to them - and they were lovely.  Somebody came along and spoke Norwegian to them, which I wasn't expecting - but it is London after all, so it wasn't a massive surprise. 

I'd already seen their video explaining why their Regia Pairfect yarn is only suitable for cuff down socks (unless you want a really odd looking sock), so we had a discussion about that.  Carlos explained the theory of cuff down socks; Arne picked up that I didn't look quite convinced. 

We talked about short rows - working out the differences between the fish lips kiss heel and Japanese short rows (apparently you lift the stitch on different sides).  Carlos made a comment that they were leaving the shop to go straight to the airport - which I took as my cue to depart.  I got their book, and a ball of the cuff down Pairfect yarn, as the colours were nicer.  They had both left the shop before I'd paid.  I didn't get a photo, but they did sign the book. 

I can work out the first word is 'strikk' or some variation - but can anyone make out the rest?

Messed up the second sock in the pair:

Somehow, I've dropped a stitch, then pulled the stitches above it so tight, that there isn't a ladder to pick up the dropped stitch.  I suspect the best way to fix it, is to drop a couple more stitches each side, to get a bit of wriggle room back.  It's either that, or undo about twenty rows. 

Bought a magazine with the cutest diary:

Free with this month's issue (number 81) of Knit Now magazine.  I doubt I'll be using the diary - but that's my nephew's birthday present sorted for next year.  First, however, I need to find the pattern so I can get cracking with his Christmas present for this year.

What has your week brought you?

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