Saturday, 4 August 2018

Going Away, Coming Back & Tidying Up

The problem with trying to maintain a blog, is writing when you don't feel like it.  Current lack of job, combined with the outstanding complaint raised against my former employers has lead me into the mood of not wanting to do very much at all.  Nothing productive, at least.  

In June, we went to Germany and at the end of last month, I came back from the US.  Both trips have been bookended with me trying to impose order on our flat.

Earlier on in the year, I saw a post on Facebook, for an allotment somewhere in Scotland, who were looking for yarn to decorate their allotment for an open day in August.  Given the number of free kits I've collected from the front of magazines, I was more than happy to oblige.  I ended up sending a massive parcel of leftover or unwanted acrylic yarn, and in the process I found yarn in the stash that I'd either forgotten about, or didn't know I'd bought in the first place.  

One of the best things about tidying up, was finding this:

Happy yarn!
My First Regia in colourway 0184

This is a ball of My First Regia that I've been trying to find online, but everywhere was out of stock.  The colourway name is Dominik, and I really wanted it as a square on my patchwork blanket.  I have no memory of buying this yarn, but I've very, very happy to have found it in the stash!  

Somewhere in the video I made (but never uploaded) about Woolinn, I made a comment about knitting a uterus.  In the clear-out, I also managed to collate all my pink yarn and sew-on pin attachments, to do just that.  

What is the correct plural of uterus?  Uteruses?  Uteri? 

I'm starting on the Kon-Marie process of tidying up; the theory is that you decide on what to keep - and only keep that which sparks joy.  I'm currently part-way through sorting out a couple of bookshelves.  

The knitting bookshelf in its first incantation

The theatre bookshelf has been downsized, and has swapped places with the knitting bookshelf, which has got considerably bigger.  

The knitting bookshelf in it second incantation - this is now the theatre bookshelf

My plan is to have all my knitting related stuff on the one bookshelf; books, folders of patterns, my swift and ball winder, the tin of sock needles, etc. etc. etc. 

The bookshelf in its current incantation

Isn't that just beautiful?  I can't stop looking at it.  My socks books are together; my lace books are together; my stitch dictionaries are together; multiple books from one author are together.  There's space for the yarn swift (on the top shelf in the picture).  There's a bit more space, should when I buy any more books.  What can't be seen is the very top shelf, which is currently housing all the clutter I've moved to get the books in.  There are a couple of other boxes to go on, including my Box O Socks  I don't think I'm going to manage 12 pairs of socks - especially as I've lost the March socks - but that's not going to stop me knitting.

At some point, I'm going to have to do exactly the same with the yarn stash.  Please send chocolate in preparation.....

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  1. What great trips you had. I need to organize my knitting stuff. We're slowly cleaning out the office of unpacked boxes.


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