Monday, 25 August 2014

Summer Holidays

I'm currently staying with my (slightly dotty) grandmother for the long weekend.  I'm determined that I'm going to learn how to knit socks - these were the socks I was going to knit went to Northampton, but didn't in the end, as I didn't have the right size needles.

Having never knit in the round before, I didn't know about joining the stitches, so as to avoid a massive gap.  Attempt one - frogged.  The second time, I forgot that you need to swap needles as you knit, so I ended up with everything on two needles.  I lost count of the number of failed attempts, although I do have one photo from where it was going right:

About two rows later, I dropped a stitch, couldn't work out where it had gone and started again. Attempt whichever-we're-at-now - frogged.  The yarn is Sirdar Heart and Sole, using the cuff down pattern on the ball band.

Thank goodness for YouTube (seems I wasn't joining properly anyway).  With luck, and enough Bank Holiday rain to keep me inside, these socks may yet happen.

The other project I had with me, is a shrug pattern, from the Free Vintage Knitting website, in a discontinued Jaeger yarn, labelled as a baby merino.  The first problem is the number of splits I had in the yarn (this one wasn't the worst, by a long way).

The second issue I had, and this is a surprising one, was the colourway.  In the balls, it looks nice and autumnal-ish and the kind of colours I'd go for.  All knit up, it actually looked like the camouflage pattern, used on army fatigues.  As a pacifist, I don't really like the idea of wearing something that looks like Army uniform, let alone the fact that this is baby merino.  Not appropriate at all for baby clothing, in my opinion.  Due to the number of the split ends, and the fact that I didn't follow the pattern properly and have much better ideas on how the pattern can be improved, this has also been ripped back to where it started.

But then, with this amount of Bank Holiday rain, I guess an abundance of frogs are par for the course.

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