Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spot the Difference ....

AKA - Why you shouldn't pack your knitting bag in a hurry.

I've recently taken a step back from knitting the little hats for Innocent Smoothie bottles as A) it was starting to get boring and B) I need to sew some hats up before knitting any more. Whilst I'm happy to knit on my commute into work, I draw the line at bringing needles to sew things up, for fear of injuring one of my fellow travellers. Yes, even the people who stand in the doorways and don't move up when asked. My knitting implements are better than that.

So, I've done a couple of other, quite small knits with fairly instant gratification, like Kevin. 

But, as I was travelling back into London yesterday morning and have got used to the needles between my fingers, I'm back to the hats again. The longer needles have a habit of hitting the window, or have other people get in the way of them.  Seriously, if a train isn't that busy, why would you choose to sit next to the person wielding metal pins ? To counteract this I bought a set of 3mm circulars, but they're just fiddly, as they're slightly smaller than my hand. 3mm needles are slightly too small once I've finished the ribbing, as the knitting two together at the end is a bit of a tight struggle. So, I've decided to go up by a quarter of a millimetre for the body of the hat.  Everything hat related is in a big Cath Kidstone Tote bag, ready to be plundered when I have a train journey.

These were the needles I brought with me today - see the difference ? 


Luckily, I'd also brought the circulars, as I didn't know how busy the train was going to be, and therefore how much elbow room I needed. (The fact I didn't take the right paperwork to the British Library gives a relative comparison how much thought I put into both knitting and academia). I don't think the guys behind me commented on me sitting at a station taking photos of knitting needles, my Spanish isn't good enough to tell. All I will tell, is that this is the first time I've been glad of the 3mm circulars, just please don't tell them I said so.

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