Thursday, 11 September 2014


So, this arrived in my in-box this week:

So, it's after the dissertation is due in, I love Rowan yarns and I've heard a lot about Kaffe Fassett - win!  For those interested, the shopping list is here and the Rowan shade card is here

The project is written for a small cushion, large cushion or Afghan, in four colour sets:





I've not worked out which one I want to do and which colour set I want to used.  On one hand, it's my birthday at the beginning of next month and an Afghan would be a lovely gift to knit myself as a birthday present.  On the other hand, with twenty balls of yarn per Afghan, retailing at around £8 each - I'm not sure the combined generosity of any birthday money is going to foot the bill.  Sure, there's the option of buying the yarn bit by bit, but sod's law says that the one colour you want will be out of stick at the precise moment you want it.  

For the record, I am not a fan of sod's law. 

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