Sunday, 8 February 2015

A Guide is Thrifty

I may, or may not have mentioned the ten Guide laws which existed when I was a Guide.  (I think it was in a post which didn't quite get published).

Anyway - one of the ten Guide laws when I was a Guide was, 'A Guide is Thrifty', which probably came from the 1940s austerity. It's not there now, although it probably should be. 

This is the dress which I bought and wore for my grandfather's funeral, about 18 months ago.  It's got a lot of wear since, which explains the rather grey colour.  A new dress would be upwards of £20.00; a bag of dye from the local supermarket costs £5.00.

Now this bag of dye can just get shoved in to the washing machine with dry fabric and run on a normal 40 degree wash cycle.  I'm used to the boxes of dye where you have to wash the fabric first.  There are no before and after photos, as a wet and faded black dress looks pretty similar to a wet and dyed dress....

Have a picture of a black dress; I'll leave you to guess whether it's the before or after:

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