Friday, 20 March 2015

How to score stash....

...whilst still on a yarn diet.

Well, there's this thing with Guiding and with knitting, that it brings communities of people together.  On Friday last week, I went for coffee with G and K, as K had stash to pass on to G so that her Brownies could make pom-poms.  One of those yarns was two and a half balls of Rowan Big Wool.  Yes, seriously.  Now, I can understand that K didn't want it if it had been sitting in the stash doing nothing, but Rowan Big Wool is, we decided, far too nice for Brownies.  

I also inherited some sock yarn scraps, so that I can do a sock yarn scrap blanket.  The fact that I've not yet learned how to knit socks feels like the knitting equivalent of running before I can walk.

Then, last Saturday I gave G a bag of my spare stash (some pink, some sparkly) for the Brownies to play with, plus some 100% wool 3 ply in case she wants to start playing with fulling - two good turns for the price of one and it's given me more space for the yarn I do want. She also got an old Brownie handbook for good measure, so there's room on the bookshelf too.

The Guiding community can be so giving and supportive, as can the knitting community - so when the two combine everything is just that little bit stronger.  I love that this is the way my world goes round.

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