Friday, 26 June 2015

| just want to knit....

Knitting on the train most days (40 minutes of knitting time each way, plus delays and platform waiting time), means that I've got my knitting groove back, slowly and all I want to do this weekend is knit.  There are three bits of stash I want to bust, the unlabelled yarn from Sweden has a pattern I want to knit it up into and there are at least three projects waiting to be finished.  (One of which I suspect is going to have to wait quite a long time, as it's a bit of a knit)  and I want to find stuff for knitting on the flight to Japan.   

Here, have the out-takes from As Time Goes By, my usual knitting viewing at the weekend.  The aim for this weekend is:

  • Finish green shrug
  • Knit more of the ecru yarn
  • Finish big wool wristwarmers and cowl
  • Block Turkish Delight scarf

Progress updates to follow.....

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