Monday, 22 June 2015

The weekends appear to be running away with me....

I don't quite know what's happening to the weekends at the moment. A couple of weeks ago, it was spring and now we're mid June. I may have blinked once too many times. 

I went to visit my sister; we went swimming and shopping and to the theatre, and walking in the hills. When you see the number of shades of green that are possible, you understand where Noro get their inspiration from:

I didn't tell my sister this; she was already a little put out at me knitting in the car, rather than looking at the view.  (As a side note, I've never bought Noro yarns in the UK.  Cannot wait to go find them in Japan). 

Even the grey clouds had a kind of beauty to them:

Not quite fifty shades of grey - but certainly more than one

We had lunch overlooking Sugar Loaf Mountain, which I'd only previously known through song lyrics No photos for that one, you'll just have to have the lyrics.

Other people may have seen trees against a light green/yellow field.  I saw a Fair Isle border to something or another:

There was also a yarn shop.  (I only found it as it was next to the pub where I was waiting for my sister, on the Friday evening.  I wasn't actively looking for a yarn shop, it just happened)

Yarn shop, of course, meant yarn:

Which then got taken, a few weeks later, to Switzerland...

Where I laughed about the place names:

And went for a hike up a mountain with some German scouts:

And I generally reminded myself what it's like to be outside London:

This is the route we took - the village at the bottom is where we started out.

This is where we had our lunch

Julia, one of the German scouts took photos of almost every waterfall, so I did the same too!

Of course, there was knitting - but that's for another time. 


  1. I popped over from Hunter's blog. You can TOTALLY knit socks. Don't be scared. I learned from Silver's online sock tutorial and now am totally addicted. : )

  2. oh yes! and I quite enjoyed your recap. : ) is there anything more fun than stumbling on a yarn shop? fun times!


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