Sunday, 18 June 2017

Now I Know How Dobby Felt

Dobby from Harry Potter

Any Harry Potter fan will know that the only way a house elf will become free, is if their human gives them an item of clothing.  Dobby the house elf was given his freedom by means of a sock.  Socks are a big deal to Dobby - and I'm starting to understand the enthusiasm.

My first failed attempt at cuff down socks is detailed here and the discovery of toe up socks is detailed here  (Fact fans, that first pair is still in the process of being knit).

I then tried Sockmatician's toe-ups as part of his March sockalong - which used German short rows which I thought was an exciting technique to learn.  Apparently you can also do them without turning the work  (Both links are to Youtube tutorials).

 Things were going well:

Toe-up sock, knit halfway
Toe up socks - yarn is Regia 4 ply in the colourway Mosaic

Things were going really well:

Half knit toe up socks
I realise that the camera on my phone isn't that good under artificial light

Until the point where they weren't.

Section of knitting with error on the stitches

I have no idea where I went wrong - but as other knitters were using (and loving) the pattern, it's a knitter error, rather than a pattern error.

So, instead of getting worked up, I did the only logical thing - and cast on a new pair, using Stray Cat sock yarn (the acquisition of which is here)  The pattern is Time Traveller Socks, by Liz Sedmak.  (Ravelry link here  Non Ravelry link here)  It has a Fleegle heel - which the pattern describes as being: "great for a beginning sock knitter because there is no picking up gusset stitches, no “wrap and turn” short rows, and no kitchener stitch"  Sold. 

 The heel looks a little triangular to me, but the sense of achievement in turning the heel was pretty awesome. 

Green and blue striped socks

Using the same pattern, I cast on my next pair: 

King Cole 50:50 (discontinued) Colourway: Jubilee

I was knitting these socks for the second briefing weekend for our trip to Iceland, for the World Scout Moot in Iceland.  It's not the required wool content needed for walking socks for the trip, but it contains the colours of both the UK and Icelandic flags, and it seems appropriate to wear them for the opening ceremony. 

However, after the first false start with the heel (I had to knit to two stitches beyond the marker, which I did - I just used the wrong marker) I don't think I've knitted the foot long enough.  I've turned the heel on the first sock and it feels a bit snug.  It might be OK, but then again, there's a risk it won't be - and if frogging 20 rounds or so removes that risk, then so be it. 

The weather here has been phenomenally hot, and socks are about the only things I can knit without sweltering.  (This is why there are no photos yet of the completed cable-breaker).  All the windows are open, which means moths at bedtime.  The fridge is full of drinks which we're both reminding the other to actually drink,  The Tube tomorrow is not worth contemplating.  On the plus side, my hands appear to be behaving themselves, more or less. 

What has your weekend brought you ?  If you're in the UK - how are you coping with the heat?  No, really - I think I need tips. 

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