Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Elk Under the Sofa

I've just dropped a whole load of loom bands on the floor, and in clearing them up - found an elk under the sofa.  He's a Christmas decoration that I bought in Stockholm last August.  I have no idea how he ended up under the sofa, instead of on the tree - but we can rectify that in December.

Since last posting, we've not had any more major terrorist attacks (yay!) but we have had a General Election (boo!).  The Prime Minister wanted a strong mandate to carry on with negotiations to leave the EU.  She ended up with a reduced minority and a hung parliament.  At the moment of writing, she is still leader of the party, has just 'reshuffled' her cabinet and is going into partnership with the DUP to get a majority.  Many people, quite rightly, are expressing concern about the government now no longer having neutrality in the power sharing talks in Northern Ireland and as a result risk totally destroying the Good Friday Agreement.

But back to the loom bands. 

The loom bands were to help match up a batch of knitting needles that I've been bequeathed.  At my grandmother's memorial earlier this year, I was given unused yarn and needles from my uncle's mother, so not a direct blood relative.

Knitting needles in a case

Yesterday was only the single point needles; the box of DPNs will have to wait until a later date.

Knitting needles in a bundle

All together, I ended up with 36 marriages (of which three weren't true pairings, but they were the same size and length and basically looked good together) and 42 orphans.  As one of my friends said: "Knitting needles breed, but are lousy parents".

I'm knitting a secret thing for Mr Knitty's birthday, which is later this month.  He's probably worked out what it is, but is pretending not to.  I want to keep it a secret, so can only knit when he's not around.  Graciously, he's said that he's happy to wait if needed.  

Yesterday, we went for a walk in a local park and saw the birds, and a fallen down tree.  

Lake with reflected trees
Love where you live - the walk yesterday afternoon

Fallen branch of a tree with green leaves
As I was taking this photo - a small dog decided to take a poo at my feet 

There was something about the inside of the tree branch which seemed so fresh and meaty; I ended up taking loads of photos, all of which were pretty much the same. 

Tree log, split open lengthwise
Odd that I should describe this as meaty, given that I'm a vegetarian 

Today was all about the knitting of the socks.  This pair started off so well.  Sock one had the foot done in pretty much one evening.  Sock two came with me to Gilwell Park (the headquarters of The Scouts and that's where things started to go wrong.  I was using Drops basic needles, as a friend of mine said that they were cheap, but long lasting.  This is the second pair of socks I've knit with these needles, and something happened to the join between the cable and the needle, to the extent I couldn't get the yarn past it, without it badly fraying - so I had to cut the cable. 

Yarn is King Cole 50:50 (discontinued) in colourway Jubilee 
Then I had a mare turning the heel of the first sock - all now sorted.  I'm at the heel turning point on both socks, but it's not going to happen tonight.  Pattern is Time Traveller by Liz Sedmak (Ravelry link)  Free pattern with an easy heel.  What's not to love? 

So what have you been knitting this weekend?  Has it all gone to plan?  

(Just checked.  Theresa May is still PM)

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