Thursday, 1 March 2018

Once Upon a Sock - March 2018

This morning started like this: 

West Yorkshire Spinners signature 4 ply in colourway 'Bubblegum' from the sweet shop range

Actually, I lie.  The morning started with Mr Knitty asking if I was awake, then doing the 'pinch and a punch' thing that always happens on the first of the month.  The day improved with tea and knitting.  You will notice that this isn't a sock.  They are one of a pair of baby boots, which I'm knitting, so that I can find out how much yarn it weighs.  

I've started a sock yarn/scrap yarn blanket.  It's been on the radar for a while, but I didn't have enough spare yarn to start anything worthwhile.  Now I've got lots of scraps, I'm 13 squares into a 280 square project.  I'm finding it real fun to work out where the squares should go, so there's not too much of one colour at a time, or that all dark colours are kept together.  Add to that the mixture of plain squares, mottled squares and striped squares, and it's a lovely project to keep me occupied.  I'm even weaving my ends in as I go! 

The current socks are going to end up as a short pair, as I've not got that much yarn left.  They accompanied me to the theatre last night (for the journey there and back, not for the show itself) and are probably feeling a bit neglected. 

Red toes = West Yorkshire Spinners signature 4 ply in colourway Cayenne Pepper from the spice rack range
Foot = Regia 4 ply Brazil in colourway 5478

Since I knit my socks concurrently, I have lots of pairs of balls which may be useful for making baby boots.  However, I need to make one boot to find out how much yarn each boot takes, to make sure that I have enough yarn left for the boots and to use for squares for the blanket - hence the knitting in bed this morning.  It seems a pretty easy pattern to follow - but it does have the increases on the purl rows, which is unusual.  Yesterday, Mr Knitty was trying to nudge up to me on the increase rows; today he was helping untangle a massive yarn barf, leaving me to increase without distraction. 

Two other things happened today - Isla from Brit Yarn announced that she was closing her business and the Sock Yarn Shop sent me their March newsletter.  Not that I've been making online purchases from either website - oh no.  Nor have I been working out what colours are missing in my scrap blanket and buying new sock yarn accordingly.  That's not the kind of thing I'd do at all! 

There will be more sock knitting between now and 3rd April, and hopefully I'll remember to join in once upon a sock again!  I'm going to set a reminder, just in case. 

Joining in with: 

Kat at Felinity Knits
Steph at My Making Do Adventure
Kathy B at Compassionknit
Stephanie at Stefanie Crafts with Wool Paper Fabric
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  1. Lovely socks in progress! And I admire you for doing the sock yarn blanket thing - I keep thinking maybe that's what I should do with all my odds and ends of sock yarn, and then I can never quite face it and just cast on for a new pair of socks :)

    - Kat @ felinityknits (for some reason Blogger won't let me post from my Wordpress account, bah)

    1. If you wanted to make something smaller with mitred squares, you could always consider a cushion cover?

  2. Hi There and welcome to Once Upon a Sock! We're so excited to have you join in! I love Regia Sock Yarn and your colorway is absolutely gorgeous! I also have a sock yarn scrap blanket :) I would also NEVER buy yarn (yes I have) just for the blanket. A tip...if you belong to a knitting group, ask for any scraps that your knitting friends may have left over. I received a ton from my knitting group and I think I may have enough to finish the blanket that's barely started :) I'm 12 squares into mine, so we're around about the same spot. Again, so happy to meet you and have you join along each month! My post is now up and linked to yours :)

  3. Aloha; welcome to Once Upon a Sock. I'll be giving our header a makeover to include all new members. It's neat to see socks being knitted in a different way from how I usually roll w/DPN's. I would like to start a sock blanket soon also. I have little balls of sock yarn I've been saving. Mahalo for joining in and can't wait to see your progress next month.


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