Tuesday, 27 February 2018


My welly boot print.

There's been a bit of snow in the UK this week, which means that people have slightly lost their minds.  It happens every year.  Somehow we don't seem to be a country that's prepared for snow - even though it arrives most years. 

Our gate 

After a couple of days of icing-sugar type dandruff - today it actually settled.  (As far as I'm aware, it's still there now; it's too  dark to go and check).  I went into the garden to take some photos, just because I could.

Trains have been slightly disrupted.  At least one train company stopped trains early last night, in expectation of snow - which then didn't materialise.  I believe they apologised to commuters today. 


The one thing about snow, is the way it deadened all the sounds around.  Our garden is only small, and surrounded by other gardens - but it was so quiet this afternoon. 

And the sky was so blue......

Leaves coming through the snow is the best definition of optimism I can think of

Possibly daffodils

The overgrown ivy 

Mr Knitty set off early this morning in a taxi, expecting to have problems.  He didn't.  There were extra people on the rota as 'snow cover' - but everybody who was expected, turned up. 

Our little toolshed.  All the picture needs is a robin! 

Mr Knitty and I are off to the theatre tomorrow.  The last time I went to this particular theatre was in the middle of summer - and it was sweltering.  I'm not sure if I'll need extra layers tomorrow - or if we're going to have problems with the buses. 

The one thing I do know - it's times like this, that I'm glad to be a knitter! 


  1. It's so neat how snow sits on objects like your circular table where it's smooth and even.

    1. It's perfect - that's why I wanted the photo, even though it was exactly the same last year and will probably be exactly the same next year!


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