Saturday, 28 April 2018

Where's Your Brain At?

In the most recent episode of Tea and Possibilities recent Tea and Possibilities podcast, Nikki talks about not completing a project, because that's not really where her brain's at.   At the moment, my brain's at my blanket.  I thought there was going to be a fight between me and the hot weather as to who lasted out the longest - but actually the weather only popped its head in for a couple of days. 

Last Saturday, I went on a group cycle ride of 11.5 miles, and really felt it when I came back!  I spent the afternoon crashed out on the sofa, with the blanket (as it currently stands), keeping my legs warm.  There was another one today, but it's a longer ride for the last weekend of the month.  I've decided against, as I need my energy for this evening. 

I've had to get over my aversion to the colour pink.  In fairness, it's not the colour that's the problem - it's the way it's always used to girl-ify everything.  You like fishing?  Have a grey fishing rod.  You're a woman who likes fishing?  Have a pink fishing rod.  You need a pen; here's a blue one.  You're a woman who needs a pen - here, have a special pink one.  The list is endless, but the worst I saw was the pink 'Big Red Bus Shape Sorter' from Early Learning Centre.  Because, of course we female Londoners have a completely different colour transport system to our male counterparts.

Anyway, I digress.....

The blanket as it stands has quite a lot of green and purple, and a pretty decent amount of blues.  To try and break it up a bit, I bought a whole load of My First Regia sock yarns in shades and patterns of pink.

The thing I love doing, is mixing and matching scraps of yarn - so a light pink ball and a dark pink ball will give me three squares; one plain in each shade of pink, and one square of pink stripes.  Factor in the patterned yarns and other scraps I had, and I had around balls for around seventeen squares, all stored in bags for each quarter, to try and make sure there's an even spread of colours.

Yarn received as a swap 

Then I received the swap to the yarns I sent off last weekend - and hey presto, another twenty or so balls are now ready to be knitted up. 

..... So, guess what I've been doing this last week? 

The blanket, as of 27th April 2018

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  1. You go on the bike ride! That is an amazing distance.


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