Thursday, 3 May 2018

Once Upon a Sock - May 2018

Today was mostly about this:

Today was a local election; we had the option of three red, one blue and a yellow (of which we could vote for a maximum of three).  Mr Knitty and I went and made our crosses in the respective boxes this morning, before he went to work.  This afternoon, somebody from the red party came buzzing at the door, interrupting my afternoon nap.  I told her that I'd already voted; she asked how.  It was only as I was closing the door that I thought to reply: 'with a pencil'. 

The blanket is going well.  I absolutely love it as a project.  There's no point it being a memory blanket, if the only memories I have in it, are of the minis I've bought.  However, these arrived this week, and are worth a mention.  There are a couple of other minis that I want from them; the leftovers may well end up as a pair of socks.

From top to bottom:
Calico Cat
Industrial Accident
Crocus patch
All from the amazing Mothy and the Squid

On to the socks.....

These are the current pair, knit with Regia Pairfect

The yarn is designed to be knit from the cuff down.  However, I prefer knitting from the toe up.  Looking at all the projects on Ravelry with the same yarn - they all look the same.  I like the fact that mine are (almost) completely different.  I'm using Sockmatician's toe-ups and when it comes to turning the heel, I want to do it in orange, because different. 

The wonderful thing about the Once Upon a Sock project, is the number of people who have joined in.  Instead of linking all the blogs here as I did last month, if you go to this link you'll see all the sock knitting projects from our group. 

See you next month for more of the same! 


  1. Mmmmm fabulous yarn!

    I think I have some Regia Pairfect waiting to be knit up but mine’s not nearly as interesting colours as yours! Lots of fun colour changes in yours!

  2. Your socks are looking great. How rude to have a nap interrupted and damn that she asked you that! Ain't none of her beeswax I say.

  3. Ooh I like your self-striping socks! Brilliant colours, and love that they're a mix of all types of patterns, not just stripes.

    Kat (

  4. I had my nap interrupted today by the neighbor cleaning up the glass from the storm window that fell out of the second floor....It is nice to be different....they are looking good!


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