Sunday, 20 May 2018

"We've got a dangly thing"

Apparently the workshop I'm doing next weekend was fantastic.  I hope it is.  Was.

There was slight consternation online this week, after Simply Knitting claimed to already have been to Woolinn Dublin, ten days before the rest of us.  I haven't yet prepped for my class (Introduction to Hat Design with Woolly Wormhead).  I just need to knit a swatch of the yarn I'm using to design my hat.  I've just been stash diving, and can't find the yarn I was looking for - but have found five other yarns which I could use.  The deciding factor will be which fabric I want to feel against my skin. 

This weekend we've also booked our summer holidays; a week or so in Germany.  It's the first time since 2015 that Mr Knitty and I have had a summer holiday, together, in summer.  It's quite exciting.

We have a light in our bedroom.  For years, we thought it didn't work.  Apparently it did work, there just wasn't a light pull to make it work.  Rather than go to the hardware store, I thought I'd get creative with a scrap of string and some beads.

I tried French knitting; it didn't work.  Twice.  I tried knitting some i-cord, with beads on the working yarn between rows.  In my head, all the beads would line up and look amazing.  In reality, it didn't work.

In the end, I just knitted a string i-cord, with (possibly too small) 3.5mm needles, and then threaded the beads on afterwards.  All this was done whilst Mr Knitty was out of the house, just to see how long it took for him to notice.

I didn't quite realise how much this looked like a female hygiene product

His first words on walking into the bedroom? "We've got a dangly thing"

And he was right.

The light pull in situ

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