Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A shower of ideas

I always seem to have my best ideas in the morning when I’m in the shower. Don’t ask me why, it just happens.

I’ve been thinking about that end of range Rowan wool, which was left on the shelf on Sunday.  My plan was to buy some of the yarn and then find a pattern for a tank top, knit in the round with a V neck – a bit like this (Yes, buying yarn to do a project which has been designed to get rid of leftovers is rather missing the point). But now I’m wondering if that’s a good idea after all. Even with the reduction in price, that’s at least £30 of yarn and I have more than enough leftovers to get rid of as it is. Anyway, yesterday I had to get theatre tickets, tonight I'm not at work and the next two nights I'm meeting friends, so the earliest I can go back for it is Friday, by which point it may have sold out.  I am still undecided, but leaning towards 'leave it on the shelf and hope that somebody else will take it home and love it' 

Secondly, the Knitting Olympics jumper (although we’re not allowed to call it that, it upsets people ). I was thinking about this one on the train into work. It doesn’t fit, and whilst I could do the maths, knit a gusset for the sleeve and make it fit – there’s another problem.  It’s a loose knit, and therefore more likely to sag and pull out of shape. I've done the same with a scarf which I knit too loosely and I don't really like as much as I could.  There really is no point in slogging on with this jumper, just to have something that looks like a sack on me and I end up hating. Far easier to rip it all back now and use the yarn for something else, that I will actually like and wear. Like a striped vest sweater......

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