Thursday, 3 July 2014

Dream a little dream...

Last night I dreamed about yarn.  More specifically, I dreamed about the sock yarn I was blogging about yesterday.  Even more specifically, I dreamt that I used the Heart and Sole yarn for a shawl or scarf or somesuch.  The yarn felt cheaper and scratchier than I remembered it, and I think I used something else to knit socks with.

Normally, I’d leave this post as a ‘Ooh, I dreamed about knitting; that’s a first’, but I decided to look it up using the Dream Moods dream dictionary and found this:

To dream that you are knitting signifies a quiet, peaceful and loving home life. It may also refer to someone in your life (past or present) who you associate with knitting. Alternatively, knitting symbolizes your creativity or accomplishments. You need to take time out from your regular routine. 
To dream that you have difficulties knitting means that you are avoiding some issue.
To see knitting needles in your dream suggest that you are manipulating a situation in order to get a desired outcome. 

To see yarn in your dream symbolizes your connection and creativity. Alternatively, yarn in your dream means that you are stuck in a rut. You are going about your daily life in the same old tired pattern. If the yarn is tangled and knotted, then it implies that you are experiencing some emotional distress or confusion in a situation.

So, I’m creative (check), possibly manipulating a situation (not entirely sure), going through life in the same old pattern (check) and need some time out (check).

So, this time out ?  I does involve knitting, right ?

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