Sunday, 20 July 2014

So, I may have gone shopping ....

There's a part of my brain that thinks that, because I'm starting lots of projects (not necessarily finishing them, I have to make clear), then I'm getting rid of my stash.  What I'm technically doing is moving it from the stash box, to the section of the lounge I've now christened UFO corner.  I swear that things are jumping into each other's project bags and are breeding. Either that, or I've run out of tote bags.

Anyway, I had to get some beads for a project, thing.  And some 2mm dpns, to possibly try knitting socks.  (The needles I do have were too big on the gauge), and some of the rather luscious looking Rowan Summerspun in Greenwich and Bayswater.  Covent Garden didn't look as good in real life as it did on the Hobbycraft website and I'm glad they didn't have Hoxton or Maida Vale as I may well have been tempted with them as well.

As an aside, is it a really geeky thing to take the yarn and knit in the part of London which gave the colourway its name?

Doing some internet surfing (the idea being that if I got to particular point of my dissertation by the end of the weekend, then I'd be buying myself some yarn as a treat; it was meant to be a way of getting motivated), I found this from Lorna's Laces - I love anything rainbow coloured and via this blog post I found this rainbow of yarns. Don't they look scrummy enough to eat?

So this all kind of goes against the 'not buying any more yarn until the stash box is empty', which is why I went shopping whilst the husband was at work and can't see where I've hidden the new stash.  I'm quite happy to tell him about the 1 ply pure wool white yarn on clearance, which stayed on the clearance shelf, Rowan Pure Wool Aran (apparently now discontinued*), also on the clearance shelf, or the acid bright yarn which I'd really like to do something with, simply as it's so bright.  

Yup, no problem whatsoever telling him about the stuff I left in the store. 

* - Had I known this at the time, I may have been more assertive in putting the stuff in my basket.  I'm quite justified in checking a pattern I wanted to knit and then go back tomorrow, right?!

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