Sunday, 9 November 2014

Scenes from an Exhibition

So, as expected yesterday, the exhibit didn't allow cameras, as it was lent by a private collector who didn't want photos taken.  The only place cameras were allowed was the ante-room showing displays of recent fashion graduates.  Personally, I just loved the colours:

The focus of the exhibition was the emotional relationship we have with clothing, which is something most knitters will understand.  There was a loose correlation between all the items in each case; one of 70s folk knits, one of 1920s cocktail jumpers etc.  We got a little confused with some of the labelling; having three jumpers in a case, all marked 'jumper' was a little unhelpful.  The 1920s cocktail jumper with a matching hat, had the hat displayed at knee level rather than head or eye level and there was some consternation about the labelling of the articles.  The postcard below shows a 1940s jumper, which was marked as being knitted, but with think it had to have crochet involved too:

I came prepared; guessing there may have been a 'no cameras' request I took a pad of blank paper.  The Pinterest board for the exhibition is here.  In lieu of me having photos, have some notes I made.

On the way out, I found a button and, being lost in the wonder of how large and impressive it was, nearly got myself run over.

Friends and I went for coffee and cake at John Lewis, where I came away with a list of knitting blogs and absolutely no yarn whatsoever from the yarn department.  Must have been a day for finding buttons, as I saw another one as I was going through the barriers at Oxford Circus.  As anybody who has gone through the barriers at Oxford Circus will know, you don't stop or you get the tourists confused and the natives quite impatient.  Hope that button found somebody to love it eventually.

Overall, we liked the exhibition and there were some quite gorgeous pieces to look at.  It's given me ideas of things I may want to do in my own knitting, and more of an idea all the crafty things which go on round the London Bridge area of London.  Certainly worth a visit for the price they're charging - just don't be surprised if the labels need some sleuthing to work out.

The aim for today was to knit.  Problem is, I really want something that I can start and finish today - which means casting on yet another project.....

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