Saturday, 29 November 2014

Knitting in public day....

So there I was this week, stumbling out of the Tube station, on my way to work - when I saw this:

No, I don't know what it is either.  Baby's hat with ties for under the chin ?  Washcloth with tentacles?  Something else entirely ?  (Yes, the photo doesn't necessarily help; I had to try and wave my camera around above head height to take the photo).

Then, literally a few paces later, I saw this:

What was this, leave your knitting alone in public day ?  

I went back at lunchtime, and both were still there.  Looking at the hat, there were no obvious labels, which would indicate that it is, in fact, hand knitted.  This was later verified when I took it home and dried it off.  It's been knitted sideways, with no obvious ribbing.  No idea of the yarn, or why it was left there.  I can't help wondering if it was an unwanted gift, which was left in a 'I'm so sorry, I've lost it, must have put it down somewhere, what a shame' with fingers crossed behind the back, kind of way.

So, the hat's come to live with us.  I think it needs a proper wash before being used; no idea whether to keep it, donate it to charity or other.  I did think of putting up a 'Lost - Hand Knitted Hat' sign, before realising that was totally insane.  Because of course, taking photos of textiles in trees and taking wet hats home because they look lonely and unloved in totally sane. 

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