Thursday, 11 December 2014

Far From a Winter of Discontent...

So, last week we went to York.  

We walked the walls and saw some genuine Tour de France bunting:

(although on going back to photograph it, I don't think it was the knitted bunting by the way it was curling at the bottom).

I went to Ramshambles, the knitting shop on The Shambles and bought yarn.  

And then went back the day after to get more.

(I did see the West Yorkshire Spinners bird inspired sock yarn, but as I've not yet learned to knit more than the cuff of a sock, I don't see the point in buying more sock yarn).

I got chatting to the lady behind the counter about my plans for the yarn - to make the bicycle shawl from Bespoke.  The original shawl is made with Rowan Kidsilk Haze; the photos look beautiful, but it's a whatsit to knit with.  She hadn't heard of the book, so nice to pass on information to a fellow knitter.  I bought the yarn as I'd never seen that make before, and the colours were beautiful.  Luckily my husband had stepped outside before I had to pay...

We visited the Quilt Museum (no photos allowed)...

...and saw lots of signature quilts; where people would pay to have their name sewn on to a square, which were then sewn together and raffled off to raise money for charitable causes.  We also say the oldest known example of patchwork, which appeared on the Quilt Museum leaflet:

I bought fabric.

I spent a lot of time admiring York's knitwear.  On two of the four days we were there, the local pub was flooded with Christmas jumper wearers.  I also saw a couple of very natty Christmas pudding hats, as well as the more usual ribs and cables.  This was also the pub where I realised that if you use a straw, you don't have to pick your glass up, leaving your hands free to knit.

Almost every time we stopped, I pulled out my knitting.  

I was very taken with the pub with shiny tables, opposite the Quilt Museum.

My rubbish as anything splicing held.

And somehow I managed to complete a shawl in four days.

Happy holidays! 

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