Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's (Knitting) Resolutions

Ah, by the popping of corks, I sense a new year is on the way, and with it the resolution to do things better than we did this year.  Whatever knitting resolution I make, August is pretty much out, as I’ll be in Japan.

I did think about resolving to design some of the ideas I’ve had kicking around in the notebook, but that requires yarn for which I seriously don’t have the space.  I did think about using up all the sock yarn I've acquired, but that would work out as one sock a month, which could end up being rather boring.  I did think about resolving to knit something per month from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitters' Almanac, but as the first is an Aran sweater and the second is baby jumpers, neither of which I need, that didn't have wings.

After much thought about what I wanted to resolve, knit-wise, I’ve come up with the following:

Learn to knit socks It’s a good knitting skill to have.
Try to learn to knit continental style.  I’ve heard that it’s quicker than English.

Now this one’s a bit more complicated:

Not buy any more yarn until the big project box is empty.

The big project box has yarn for four projects; a bolero, two cardigans and a sweater.  So far, so good.  Obviously yarn bought for gift knitting or souvenir yarn doesn’t count.  (‘Obviously’ I hear fellow knitters chime in agreement).  However, I’ve seen some lovely Jaeger yarn on eBay.  

I know that bidding because you feel sorry that the seller’s knitting career is waning isn’t the best motivator, but at the same time, that would make an awesome sweater!  Anyway, does the ‘no yarn’ rule really count if you make a bid before midnight ?

Either way, the final resolution is:

Knit a jumper for my husband.

Happy New Year – what resolutions have you made, knitting or otherwise ?

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  1. You can learn to knit socks from Silver's Sock Class online tutorial. I did. It's great AND you can learn continental from - there are great videos! Good luck!.... and I hope you're doing well with the no more yarn until the big box is empty.


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