Sunday, 14 December 2014

Noting patterns

When we were in York, we met up with an old family friend whose wife sadly died a few years ago, leaving a stash of yarn and over 70 lengths of dress material.  Very kindly, he said that I could have some of the yarn, as he didn’t think his daughter would do anything with it.  Such a lovely gesture.  (I started with some pink wool, which I want to make into a felted hat).  This lady is a knitter so fearless she made herself a mohair jumper, which was then worn, ripped back and re-knitted not once, but twice.  She also made cabled jumpers for all her family – but the re-knitting of mohair is the feat of which I am most in awe.

There feels a certain responsibility in doing something with a deceased person’s yarn.  Should I be frivoulous and do something for myself ?  Should I follow her wishes of what she wanted done, should they be clear ?  Make something for her grandchildren – keeping it in the family, as it were ?  (All a moot point at the moment, as the yarn is still in the attic – but it’s still a consideration).

Following the Yarn Harlot’s example, I’m trying to start making a note of what yarn is intended for which project.  This is mostly to stop me buying three lots of yarn for project X and to remind me which yarn I’ve got kicking around.  Although I realise now there’s another advantage to this method of yarn stashing – should anything happen to me, my knitting friends will know exactly what to do with the yarn.

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