Wednesday, 24 January 2018

All Day I Dream About Socks

Sometimes I have odd dreams.  At the moment, is one of those times.  

I've only got a few days left at work before my contract runs out.  I pretty much don't care any more.  I've let go a little bit, but I'm still upset at the lack of acknowledgement from my consultants. 

My current socks at the beginning of my journey to work 

I decided that I would be happier if I had something to knit, so that I could do job applications using  voice recognition software, so I cast on a pair of socks. 

My current socks at the end of my journey into work
I wasn't quite sure to start with about the single row of red, immediately after the toes - but I think it works quite well to delineate the toe from the rest of the sock.  The yarn is Regia Brazil, in colourway Multi (the only one which hasn't been discontinued, it would seem) 

My current socks at the beginning of my journey home

Last night I dreamed about them; that I had knit all the way up to the foot, ready to turn the heel - and that I had decided to turn the heel in red, rather than orange.  This is the first time that I've done the toe in a different colour to the rest of the sock.  

My current socks a the end of my journey home

I've decided to try the Box O Socks challenge again this year - the aim being to knit at least twelve pairs of socks for me, between January 1st and December 31st.  I tried last year, but only managed eight pairs.  Maybe I'll do better this year by starting in January rather than March! 

My socks just before bedtime
What have you been dreaming about this week?

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