Monday, 1 January 2018

Bonjour 2018

I've been looking for my knitting resolutions for 2017 and can't find them, which either means I didn't write any, or I'm looking in the wrong place.

This was the year I conquered socks. I didn't manage to complete my Box O Socks challenge, but I do have seven more pairs of socks than I did in January.

This is also the year that I (sort of) conquered my bookshelf.  What started off as this: 

Now looks like this: 

It might not look that different - but it is.  There are more books for a start.  As I had more room for books, I had the desire to keep buying books to fill the space on the bookshelf.  The idea was to have all my knitting stuff together.  What you can't see is the stuff on the floor that I had to move out of the way to take the photo - so that clearly worked! 

Some of my favourite books from this year:

Books from March, when I was getting in to sock knitting

Bought in Iceland in August
Bought in October. Recommended retail price, £16.99  I got it for £3.00.  Bargain! 
There are so many more, but I got bored in trying to work out which ones to include (or not).  

I survived Mr Knitty being in hospital at the beginning of the year.  I didn't make it to Sweden, but we did go to Belgium.  I spent an amazing time in Iceland and have a list of things to show Mr Knitty when I take him back.  I want to run another half marathon this year, which will mean starting regular running again.  We're talking about finally buying a house. 

As for 2018, I don't really make resolutions.  I'd much rather make a list of things that I want to achieve by the end of the year, which are:

  • Knit a sweater/cardigan
  • Design a pair of socks
  • Knit at least one thing using the Iceland stash
  • Learn to knit continental style
  • Knit advent calendar for nephew
  • Finish the red shrug
  • This Thing of Paper KAL
  • Attempt to 'Marie Kondo' my yarn stash
  • Complete my Craftsy class on colour. 

This time next year, I'll have a look to see which ones I've managed to achieve.  

What are your hopes for 2018, knitting or otherwise? 

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