Sunday, 28 January 2018

Oh to Heel With It!

I've turned the heel on the first of the current pair of socks.  I've used the fish lips kiss heel and, in an attempt at being clever, have actually ended up being quite the opposite:

One of the two holes at each end of the heel rows
There is part of me who wants the socks finished on target, so is happy to fudge it (either by making new stitches to close the gap, or by sewing up the holes) and part of me knows that this will always bug me, so it's worth ripping it out and starting again. 

Next time, I will use a different heel construction.

Meanwhile, I've been chatting with friends about going to Unravel next months and discussing the possibilities of going to Dublin with Mr Knitty for Woollinn, combined with a weekend away, in May. 

To blow away the cobwebs, Mr Knitty and I have spent this afternoon feeding the ducks.  And the coots, and the moorhens and the gulls, and the swans and the geese.  

I never realised quite how big a coot's feet really are

The other visitors to the park were mostly families with small children or dogs, or both.  Mr Knitty was heard to comment: "There's a very happy boy dog with a big bit of wood" and he wasn't talking about the stick in the dog's mouth. 
A mute swan - just after it was trying to assert its authority
Feeding the birds took the ultimate in diplomacy, given how territorial some of them were getting.  The Egyptian geese in particular did not like the Canada geese, so he fed the Egyptian geese at one end of the inlet and I fed the Canada geese at the other.  We've got another half bag of bird food, so we can do it all again in a couple of weekends time. 

Egyptian geese - who always have better eye make-up than I do.

I have three more days at work - and I've already planned which hand knit socks I will be wearing on those days.  I just need to work out what clothes are going to go with them. 

What is on the horizon for you this week? 

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